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March 8, 20144

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Does your child love insects and creepy crawlies?

Does she enjoy spending time outdoors, exploring nature?

Does he have jars and terrariums all over his bedroom with little critters he loves and cares for?

Do you pull up a lawn chair on your grandparents porch in the middle of the night to watch the moths flicker about the porch light?


If you answered yes to any one of these questions, a career in the field of entomology may just be the career for you.  Entomology is the scientific study of insects. Many entomologists specialize in a single order or even a family of insects.

The science of entomology provides many choices and opportunities for those interested in the diversity of nature. While some entomologists work in the field, others work in the laboratory or classroom, and others find niches in regulatory entomology or the pest control industry. The options for entomology careers are as diverse as insects themselves. Explore some of the fascinating careers described below.

entomologycareersEntomology Careers

research entomologist with the Forest Service who studies the chemical reaction between insects and plants.  Bugs’ Life Not so Rosy Around Young Entomologist

Forensic entomologists use their expertise and knowledge of insects to help solve crimes.

A plant protection entomologist typically works within the field of agriculture to the study of insects as they affect food, feed, and fiber crops. Meet Lincoln Moore, an entomologist with USDA and an educator at Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA.

Medical entomologists are concerned with the role insects play in causing diseases in animals and humans.

Convincing the public of the economic and physiological benefits of maintaining insect diversity is extremely important.; the perfect job for conservation entomologists.


Average Entry-Level:  $29,260 per year

Average:  $47,740 per year

If you are interested in further exploring entomology with your children, there are many activities and curriculum materials available.  I have developed a fun, hands-on unit study called Introductory Entomology.  It is a six-week unit that incorporates more than 10 hands-on activities and many suggested extension activities.

Introductory Entomology (Insects) Unit Study

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