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July 31, 20092

saw this on a homeschool blog I follow, Mt. Hope Chronicles, and had to share here:

How to Be a Human Being,
Capable of Living a Rich Life:

Be curious. About everything.

Read. Read. Read.

Help the underdog.

Entertain thoughts.

Set goals.

Observe nature.

Have compassion.

Discuss ideas.

Do hard things.


Build. Paint. Plant. Draw. Sing. Bake. Play an instrument.

Care for your body.

Follow through.

Appreciate beauty.

Ask questions.

Take responsibility.

Eat good food.

Play hard.

Plant a garden.

Try new things.

Share with others.

Manage your personal finances. Well.

Solve problems.

Plan for the future.

Keep house. Well.

Prepare for emergencies.

Nurture relationships.


Give of yourself.

Value truth.

Keep your word.

Smell the flowers.

Pick up after yourself.

Use time wisely.

Encourage others.

Laugh. A lot.

Brave storms.

Cultivate a spirit of gratitude.

Find passion for life.

What would you add?


  • School for Us

    July 31, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Great list. I would add “Dance” as in the song, “I hope you dance….” (Or you could add “Enjoy the Moment.”) I often don’t enjoy the moment or am in too much of a hurry and that song pops in my head and it reminds me to live in the moment, to do something even if it means getting dirty, etc. 🙂

    How about adding “Get Dirty”, too?

    I’d also add Know God. Love God. Serve God.

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