Bones :: Book Sharing Monday - Eva Varga

September 27, 2010

Most people don’t think about their own bones much, but if you do–or if you’re curious about how human bones compare with those of other animals–you should definitely take a look at Bones. Artist and author Steve Jenkins, known for his amazingly realistic cut-paper illustrations and his many fascinating and easy-to-understand books on science, compares human bones with those of spider monkeys, elephants, snakes, sloths, and many other animals. In addition to showing size differences between various species’ bones, Jenkins also explains why other differences have evolved.

Steve Jenkins is one of our favorite illustrators. His distinctive cut-paper style is unmistakable and he delivers another fine offering in this book. Brilliant, meticulously crafted cut-paper illustrations along with lots of clear labels and interesting fact-filled sidebars make this book an absolute must have for budding young scientists. Human and animal bones of all kinds are contrasted and compared. Appropriate for grade-school students, this book should be included in any classroom studying the skeleton.

For a look at another Steve Jenkins book that we have reviewed, see Down Down Down. I’m sure that we’ll be giving this media another try sometime soon.  🙂

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