We’ve Decided to Homeschool!

We’ve begun a new journey. We’ve decided to homeschool. We’ve basically been doing just that since the children were born. The only difference now is that I will approach it more formally. This blog will serve as a place to share our daily endeavors with you (family, friends, fellow homeschoolers and others interested in knowing more).

We’ve been spending a little time getting things organized around the house… purging our craft supplies, taking inventory of what we have on hand already and making note of what we’ll need to purchase (book shelves!!), setting up our ‘classroom and library’ in the den, and discussing our goals for the year.

I sat down with DD yesterday afternoon and asked her what things she was curious about (I have an idea but wanted to hear her verbalize her thoughts)… what direction she might like to go. This was her response:

* scrapbooking
* painting
* knitting
* stitching (embroidery and quilting)

So cute! She just loves anything to do with arts & crafts and spends hours coloring, stitching, and creating scrapbook pages with the materials I’ve given her.

She recently discovered a caterpillar in our backyard that has since pupated. She enjoyed identifying it in a field guide and then creating a watercolor painting. So with a little prodding… we’ve decided to start this first year homeschooling experiment with butterflies and folktales. We’ll see where that takes us. 🙂

As I have browsed other homeschooling blogs, I discovered that many have official names for their school. I like this idea and opened a dialogue with my daughter to come up with a name of our own. As we’ve been talking about the school, I’ve explained that we would all be learning and that we would all be teaching – sharing in the adventure. With this, she came up with Family School.

I then read off a few names of preschools from our phone book and she locked onto one that she adored. I explained that we didn’t want to have the same name as another school, that we wanted to be different. I made a suggestion that kept the key word, stars, but was unique to us; Twinkling Stars Family School. She loved it!