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I write reviews of the curricula and products we use and love. I do so because I want to share with others how the products bless our lives. Many are products that I have purchased and simply wanted to share with you. Others were given to me free of charge for the purpose of reviewing (these will always be identified as such in the post). The opinions shared in the review post are honest and are solely mine or those of my family.

On this page you will find homeschool resources that I have used and highly recommend to my readers. Some of these reviews I have written for The Curriculum Choice or Better Chinese. Most, however, were published here. I’ve annotated each to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for – click over if it intrigues you.

Many of these are affiliate links. Which means that, at no additional cost to you, I receive a small percentage of your purchase cost. This blesses my family with funds for homeschool materials for ourselves. Thank you so much for your support!

The Homeschool Recommendations of Eva Varga

big book homeschool ideas

The Big Book Of Homeschool Ideas is an amazing resource for beginning and veteran homeschoolers alike. Get over 500 pages of  homeschooling tips, ideas, and resources.

STEM Curriculum & Resources

Exploring Nature with Children is an excellent guide for families desiring to integrate nature study into their lives.

Atomidoodle: A Game App to Unlock the Periodic Table of Elements Atomidoodle is a fun and educational game for the iPad.

Young Eagle Today, Private Pilot Tomorrow @EvaVarga.net

Young Eagle Today, Private Pilot Tomorrow – My son desires to be a pilot. The Young Eagles Program makes it fun and affordable.

Collaborating with Resource Specialists – When looking for curriculum resources and learning opportunities, one area that many families overlook are community resource specialists.

Looking for a hands-on building toy that teaches computer programming and robotics? You’ll discover that Fischertechnik is liked by adults and children. The STEM I kit teaches building and engineering while the STEM II is geared towards computer programming and robotics.

My daughter has a growing interest in digital animation and graphic art.  Exploring Digital Animation with Pixar & Khan Academy details the lessons and exercises that are provided free of charge!


Learn with Piper: Coding, Computer Programing, & Electronics – Who wouldn’t want to build their own computer? Using their love of Minecraft to draw them in, Piper provides learning multiple learning experiences.

I have discovered an amazing collection of resources for nature study – Nature Study with John Muir Laws. Here you’ll find drawing tutorials as well as suggestions for Field Sketching Equipment and Starting Your Own Nature Journal Club.

Can Algebra Be Fun? It Can with Standard Deviants Accelerate – My daughter loved the videos and online nature of this online math course; the humor and music were just what my pre-teen needed to reinvigorate her enthusiasm for algebra.

Unlocking the Joy of Math: Pre-Algebra Curriculum – Another online math course, Unlock Math literally unlocked the joy of math for my son. The short video lessons, practice problems, and challenge question were engaging and educational.


The Power of Google Maps in the Classroom – Can you imagine being able to show your kids the bottom of the ocean? With Google Maps, you can.

Language Arts Curriculum and Resources

Cover Story Opens Doors and Builds Bridges –  The variety of writing assignments combined with a compelling yet challenging goal of publishing their own magazine have opened doors for future opportunities and built bridges between generations.

Much Ado About Shakespeare – A unit study I put together using a text by DK Publishing, Much Ado About Shakespeare, as my spine.

King Alfred's English Curriculum Review

King Alfred’s English – With this curriculum, my daughter has discovered a passion for etymology or the origin of words.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum: English Grammar – As my daughter has gotten older, she has been completing more and more of her work independently. The work-book based approach of Paradigm Accelerated is a great resource for teaching English grammar.

fan fiction

Exploring Fan Fiction with Wattpad Wattpad is a social media website that is geared to young writers. Explore how this platform can inspire your child to explore writing for an audience.

National Mythology Exam – Teaching mythology in middle school is a great way to get students interested in reading, writing, and researching ancient history. The National Mythology Exam is the perfect challenge for those who are self-motivated.

Foreign Language Curriculum and Resources

New Amigos Board Game is an exciting new game that enables language learners of different skill levels to play together and learn from one another. Thus far, there are several versions available including: Norsk-English, Norsk-Spanish, and Norsk-Arabic!

Better Chinese: Opening the Door to Mandarin Fluency – Aimed at the English speaker, Better Chinese is easy to follow while also fun and interactive for my children.

Discovering Chinese Pro review

We are Loving Discovering Chinese Pro – Having utilized the Better Chinese curriculum for several years, we were delighted to begin using the middle school program designed specifically for the iPad.

ASL2U: Online ASL Lessons – Did you know American Sign Language can also enable students to earn language credit? Consider online lessons with a fellow homeschool mom.

KingKa: A Classic Board Game with a Twist – KingKa rolls several classic board games into one; making it a perfect game for practicing Chinese as a family or with friends.

A Little Mandarin: A Product Review – The tunes are very catchy – just as all classic children’s music tends to be – which makes the learning of Mandarin enjoyable for everyone.


Learning Mandarin with Middlebury Interactive Middlebury Interactive uses an immersion approach that incorporates videos, stories, and games throughout the lessons.

Learning Chinese Radicals with Chineasy – Chineasy makes learning to read Chinese easy by approach learning the characters in a systematic way.

Hanbridge Mandarin – Lessons for Mandarin language learners of all ability levels in a live, virtual classroom with native speakers who are experienced teachers.

Arts, Enrichment, & Career Development

Tap My Trees is the #1 supplier of maple sugaring supplies for the hobbyist. The Science of Sugaring gives a peak at what is in the kit while Rediscovering the Joy of Sugaring (coming soon) details our experiences.

10K to Talent: More than just a hobby – From fly tying and whips to gaming and anime, the interests of our children don’t just provide educational value, they fuel students to take control of their education.


Teaching Music Theory & Composition – An instructional guide to music theory that was not overwhelming (my son is only 10 after all) and not too “babyish”.

TypeKids: Individualized Typing Lessons for Kids – A fun and engaging online typing program geared to young learners.

Creativity & Nature Study – Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime that combines navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a fun outdoor quest.

takenoko game

Board Games & Fun: Takenoko, Timeline & Tokaido – We love board games. In this post, I review three new additions to our game library.

Sons of Norway – Learn how membership in a fraternal organization can provide learning opportunities for the entire family. Find resources to learn about heritage, language, and traditional handcrafts.

love & logic

How We Found Harmony with Love & Logic – I’ve long considered myself a Love & Logic practitioner. In this post, I share how we incorporate these practices into our everyday.

Celebrate Earth Day with Dover Publications – Utilizing a number of Dover Publications resources, I’ve put together a unit study to celebrate Earth Day.

Learning Music Theory with The Music Tree The Music Tree utilizes an interval-based method to teach children music theory.

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