Beaver Dam Under Construction - Eva Varga

May 28, 20122
Do you recall the pictures I had posted a year in October of a beaver that was living in a culvert near my dad’s place in Bandon?  click here for the post  Well, Mr. Beaver (presumably) has been very busy.   He has moved up the stream about 100 meters and has begun to set up home.  

The city even did him a favor by trimming the shrubs along the roadside.  The beaver made quick use of the downed woody material and thus many of the sticks in his structure do not have the usual teeth marks.

It will be fun to watch his home grow over the next few months.  We’ll be back again in the summer and we’ll make a more in-depth study of beavers and specifically of Dad’s new neighbor.

On a side note, do you see the shrub with the small yellow flowers in the background?  That is gorse.  It is an invasive weed.  The property where this shrub is growing is not owned by my dad but is owned by a local lumber company.  The lumber company that employed my dad for as long as I can remember until the mid-80s when environmental pressures began to change the industry.  I’ll revisit this again in a future post.


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