Art Lessons w/ Pinot Van Gogh - Eva Varga

January 31, 20132

With only a half day due to our online Mandarin language lesson, we spent the morning roaming Broad street in downtown Rome. We came upon an art studio that advertised drop-in classes for a reasonable fee. While I consider myself to be adequately skilled when it comes to drawing (particularly with colored pencil), I am not ashamed to say I am a lousy painter. We decided to return in the afternoon for a painting class. When the time came, Sweetie was very excited but Buddy dragged his feet, preferring to stay in the hotel and play Minecraft.

For the drop-in class, the kids chose a painting in the gallery for inspiration and thereby were given instruction, step-by-step to create something similar. Sweetie chose a bird painting and substituted Totoro. Buddy blazed his own trail and painted the entrance to an iron mine as we had seen in Birmingham.

The following day, we returned to join in with a 6-week class. The returning students were continuing a batik project they had started previously. While we definitely plan to try this at home, we didn’t have the time to start it here. The kids thereby opted to do another painting. This time Sweetie painted cherry blossoms while Buddy continued to commemorate our trip to Georgia by painting a peach. Sadly, peaches aren’t in season so we haven’t yet been able to sample the state fruit.


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