Archery Lessons Week Three - Eva Varga

March 19, 20131
Archery lessons have continued these past couple of weeks and I can see a remarkable improvement in our accuracy.  The instructor has been working with us to improve our form, encouraging us to go through a mental check list before we release each arrow.   The key terms we focus on are stance, anchor point, patience, and follow-through.  With this short list, there is no doubt that we have all gotten a little better.

It is fun to see the progress we have made. Though our anchor points vary slightly, we are each very consistent.  We have thus begun to look at another key to accuracy .. our grip on the bow.  We were instructed to loosely grasp the bow and to not lock our elbow.  Despite instruction and an arm guard, I still manage to nail my forearm with the string at least twice each time, leaving some nasty bruises.

We are looking forward to possibly taking part in some organized shoots this year.  It should be fun to see how we compare to others, but most importantly, we know it is ourselves with whom we compete.  The goal is to improve and to learn from our mistakes. 

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  • handstitch

    March 19, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    Sweet. One thing I must say there is never a “mistake.” With each arrow left your fingers/bow, it has its course. The key is–between arrows–REFLECT. Self examine: where the arrow lands from your “target?” Left, right, high, low? Your release? Follow-through? Mark each your arrow and observe how each behaves–believe it or not, no two arrows are alike. My boy told me that from his personal experience 😀 Enjoy the journey. Friendly competition has do my boy more than good (who would have thought!)

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