Archery Lessons Week One - Eva Varga

March 5, 2013

We were able to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity today. A mom had posted on our local homeschool board that she had set up archery lessons with a young man who has been successful in competitive archery. In her post she stated the class was for boys but upon inquiring, they made allowances for girls as well.

We met this afternoon and both Sweetie & Buddy liked the instructor. He had an easy going, humorous attitude and was gentle in his instruction. He first introduced the parts of the bow and though Buddy implied that he knew it all, we all learned a few new terms. He then explained the whistle commands:

One Blast- “Shoot”
Two Blasts- “Get Bows”
Three Blasts- “Go get Arrows”
Five or more Blasts- “STOP SHOOTING”

They both had a great time and look forward to attending again next week. In the mean time, we hope to encourage a few friends to join us so as to assure the course continues in the future.

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