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China is a vast country, both in population and the span of history, the oldest continuous civilization in the world. China also has many “firsts” – earliest writing and code of laws, first to use paper money, first to make silk, kites, gunpowder, paper and fireworks, first to print books. Poetry, painting, music and theater are highly developed arts. Astronomy and medicine have always been important in Chinese life.

Discovering China

“You’re taking your kids?  Really!?”

When we told family and friends we would be traveling to China this fall, many were actually surprised that the kids would be accompanying us.  “Your kids are going with you?!”  Frankly, we chose China because that is where they wanted to go.  One doesn’t study a language for long before a desire to experience that culture first hand is ignited within.

Traveling with kids in China, there’s so many directions to go, the first question most will ask is, where do we start?  We opted to begin our holiday in Beijing and from there, to see as much of the country as possible, with the goal of the big tourist attractions (The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Olympic Park, Terra Cotta Soldiers, Giant Pandas, The Bund, and Victoria Peak) as our key destinations.

Over the next ten days, I will share with you our discovery of China .. city by city.  I’ll share with you our highlights and hopefully introduce you to some lesser known secrets of Chinese culture.  Along the way, I will also share recipes, activities, and lessons plans you can use to build a cultural study of China into your curriculum.

So, grab a cup of tea (茶 – chá), wrap up in your favorite blanket, and join me on our tour of China.

Beijing 北京

Xi’an 西安

My fourth post in the series will introduce you to the Terra Cotta Soldiers & the Ancient City Wall.  Here, I will also introduce you to the Muslim Quarter, the Bell & Drum Towers, and the Goose Pagodas.

Chengdu 成都

Chengdu, our third city in our tour of China (and my fifth post) is all about pandas.  We visit the Giant Panda Breeding Center and enjoy Chengdu’s specialty dish, hot pot.  Read more in my post, Chengdu – Pandas & Hot Pot.

Leshan 乐山

A visit to China’s Sichuan province isn’t complete without seeing Leshan and the Giant Buddha.  I’ve created a couple notebooking pages specific to the Buddhist influence in China.  You won’t want to miss this one.

Shanghai 上海

My seventh post, The Super Skyline of Shanghai  includes the Maglev, The Bund, Financial Center, Yu Yuan, and a Night Cruise.

Suzhou 苏州

Suzhou – Canals, Gardens, and the Silk Road – Here we enjoyed a canal boat ride, visited the Humble Administrator’s Garden, and toured a silk factory.

Yangshou 阳朔

Yangshou – Caves, Cormorants, and Snails – Li River Motor Boat Cruise, Bamboo Raft, Xingping Village, Cormorant Fishing, Swimming, Light Show

Hong Kong 香港

Hong Kong – Big City Lights – Victoria Peak, Escalator, Repulse Bay, Markets, Symphony of Lights


These past 10 days, I have shared Discovering China Discovering China as part of the iHomeschoolNetwork’s Autumn Hopscotch.

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