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October 30, 20121
It is amazing how quickly the weeks go by … already we are into week four and I realize I haven’t written my post for the previous week.  We have been trying to develop a routine so that we stick with this challenge all year.  Presently, we have Mandarin lessons on Monday.  The kids take turns working one-on-one with Shawn (their Mandarin teacher).  Thus, while one is with him, the other completes a math lesson and composes a letter to someone of their choosing.  

Last week, they both chose to write to a friend in another country in hopes of developing a pen pal friendship.  Sweetie chose to write to a friend in Canada. Her mother and I met (virtually) through our homeschool blogs ~ Hi Alex!  Buddy chose a boy in England who has the same interests … Legos, trains, and believe it or not, Maersk!  I had corresponded with his mother as part of the Worldwide Culture Swap we are also taking part in this fall.  I wrote a letter but opted not to actually mail it.  It was cathartic but to be honest I feel this didn’t exactly meet the challenge requirements so I wrote a thank you note a few days later.

This week, the kids opted to write to an author.  Coincidentally, they both chose Jan Brett as we recently had the chance to meet her while she was on her book tour for Mossy.  To keep with the spirit, I also followed suit.

As we continue on this challenge, I hope to begin integrating more art.  We love the cachet art we have seen through our philatelic interests.  I  have even started a Pinterest board for inspiration, 52 Weeks of Mail.     

How are you all coming along with this challenge?

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  • Alexandra DK

    October 31, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    Hi!! We already received your letter and will be answered back very soon!

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