52 Weeks of Mail :: Weeks Nine & Ten

Week 9 – I mailed another batch of Christmas cards and DVDs this week – bringing the total to well over 150.  Sadly, I know I won’t receive more a 20% of that number .. but I will continue to send them out each year.  The kiddos each wrote a letter to Santa.

Week 10 – I mailed the final batch of Christmas cards and DVDs.  Buddy wrote to a cousin who lives in Utah.  They’ve actually only met a couple of times and though he doesn’t remember him, I felt it was a good idea to maintain and/or build familial bonds.  Sweetie wrote to a cousin in Georgia whom we have actually never met in person.  Our migrations home have just never coincided, sadly.  We are hoping to change that in 2013 … we have plans to be in both states in the next few months and we will try very hard to link up schedules.

On the flip side, Buddy received a reply from my friend Josh.  It was a delight to read his responses to Buddy’s questions about his career.  His career path was significantly different than that of my husband and I and our circle of friends that we see regularly (most of whom are engineers).  This provided us with a wonderful opportunity to talk about career options and choices.  I am confidant that we’ll be able to return to the topic many times in the future.  I appreciate very much the time Josh took to sit down with pen and paper to reply to my little guy.  His words and influence have indeed made a difference in our lives and I am certain that the relationship will continue to blossom.

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  1. Great progress! I have stopped doing individual posts for each week, but I am keeping track on instagram and still on my blog in a page (below the banner).
    Celeste is mailing her letter to Sweetie today!
    I have given up on writing Christmas cards the last couple of years. Good for you for keeping going!

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