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September 24, 20121

As avid philatelists, I was excited when I learned about the 52 Weeks of Mail Challenge on the USPS Stamp of Approval blog.  I have been wanting to incorporate letter writing as a more regular part of our writing curriculum for some time now, and while the kids have been doing a fair amount, I needed a little motivation.  This is the perfect challenge! 

 Each week, our goal is to write a letter, postcard, small package, or greeting card to a friend, family member, or perhaps even a business letter.  We’ll then use an actual postage stamp – rather than a metered sticker – and drop them in the mailbox.  It will be fun to see who writes us back … to see the stamps and learn geography with the postmark. 

 The 2012-13 challenge kicks off the week of October 8th because October 9th is International Post Day. I would like to encourage everyone to share this with all of their friends by way of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, your blog, or by mail. You may even want to send a card to Grandma (or whomever), enclosing a second card with a stamped envelope, so that she can send a card to someone else! 

We would LOVE to see another THOUSAND people join us!!!  Are you in???

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  • Alexandra DK

    September 24, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    We’re going to do this for sure! I love writing letters and receiving them, and so does Celeste. My oldest daughter has a regular pen pal.
    I think it’s a great fun idea for Celeste to get more comfortable with writing too.
    Thanks for posting about this!

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