2009 County Fair :: Open Class Entries - Eva Varga

July 27, 20091
As a child, I loved the fair. It was a highlight of the summer. Some of my fondest memories are from 4-H. It is no wonder that my children also look forward to the county fair every year.
Though not yet old enough for 4-H, both kiddos have begun to take part in the fair, he had one entry last year and 6 this year. While Sweetie is a pro, entering 14 things this year! Next year, I am going to require that she fill out all her entry tags – it took several hours to get everything together and as well fill out the tags upon our arrival. No small feat.
Here is a small visual selection of their entries:
Colored Pencil

Mixed Media

Paper Craft



In addition to these, Buddy also submitted a pencil sketch of the Polar Express, his bean mosaic (other), a wooden tanker truck (model kits), and his troll from heritage camp (natural crafts).

Sweetie also submitted her bean mosaic as well as a pair of beaded earrings she made for me (beaded item), a scrapbook page of Indian Mary (memory page), a digital memory page of her pet rats (computer art), a salt dough map of Oregon (model, other), a paper mache penguin (paper mache) and her troll (natural crafts). Additionally, in Clothing and Textiles she entered her stuffed dolphin (toy) and her Kantha inspired elephant pillow she finished just a few hours prior to the deadline (embroidered item).
As you can imagine, we are really looking forward to seeing the results of the judging. They are in the same age category this year, so we have a friendly little sibling rivalry developing. As they are getting older, though, there are also more participants. In years past, particularly outside of the Kids Corner Department, Sweetie has been the only entrant. We emphasized that winning a ribbon is not the goal… the true purpose of entering is to share our work, possibly inspire others, and learn from the experience of the judges. We will keep you posted.

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  • Sarah

    August 1, 2009 at 4:49 am

    Congratulation Geneva. Your works are marvelous. I especially love the embroidered elephant pillow–yes–I am very biased and subject as it is very dear to my crafty passion. You artworks are terrific. I look forward to your next year’s entries.

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